Chronicles for our Troubled Times


A series of short, digestible essays by the hugely influential author of Capital

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‘Brilliant… If you have been influenced by Piketty, make sure to read this next’ Naomi Klein

With Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Thomas Piketty wrote a bestselling book that was widely agreed to be ‘extraordinarily important’ (Martin Wolf, Financial Times). His powerful, evidence-based analysis and solutions – including progressive wealth taxes to reduce inequality – were praised as much as his wonderful range of reference and panache.
Bringing readers the same expert eye, breadth of thought and practical ideas – but in very short pieces – Chronicles provides Piketty’s analysis of the financial crisis, and of subjects and individuals, from productivity in Britain to Barack Obama. Comprising the very best of his writing for Liberation from the past ten years, translated into English for the first time, it will further cement Piketty’s reputation as the leading thinker in the world today.


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