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Faithful and Virtuous Night

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Author: Gluck, Louise, Binding: Paperback, Imprint: Carcanet Press Ltd, Series: N/A, Publisher: CARCANET PRESS LTD , Published: 20/08/2014, Pagination: 80 pages, Classification: Literature & literary studies, Country of Publication: United Kingdom

Sam says:

'A circuitous narrative collection following two siblings whose parents died in a car crash in their youth. Her writing has that arresting clarity you find right at the border of sleep, dream-edged.'



You enter the world of this spellbinding book through one of its many dreamlike portals, and each time you enter it's the same place but it has been arranged differently. You were a woman. You were a man. This is a story of adventure, an encounter with the unknown, a knight's undaunted journey into the kingdom of death; this is a story of the world you've always known, that first primer where 'on page three, a dog appeared. / On page five, there was a ball', and every familiar facet has been made to shimmer like the contours of a dream, 'the dog float[ing] into sky to join the ball'. Faithful and Virtuous Night tells a single story, but the parts are mutable, the great sweep of it's narrative mysterious and fateful, heartbreaking and charged with wonder.