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Night Sky with Exit Wounds

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Author: Ocean Vuong

Publisher: Jonathan Cape 


Antony says:

"Vuong’s debut poetry collection is heartbreakingly autobiographical and tender. Relating to issues of identity, immigration, the American dream and family, his words are woven together in a voice that is so clear and his own. “Dusk: a blade of honey between our shadows, draining.”"


An extraordinary debut from a young Vietnamese American, Night Sky with Exit Wounds is a book of poetry unlike any other.

Steeped in war and cultural upheaval and wielding a fresh new language, Vuong writes about the most profound subjects – love and loss, conflict, grief, memory and desire – and attends to them all with lines that feel newly-minted, graceful in their cadences, passionate and hungry in their tender, close attention: ‘…the chief of police/facedown in a pool of Coca-Cola./A palm-sized photo of his father soaking/beside his left ear.’ This is an unusual, important book: both gentle and visceral, vulnerable and assured, and its blend of humanity and power make it one of the best first collections of poetry to come out of America in years.

‘These are poems of exquisite beauty, unashamed of romance, and undaunted by looking directly into the horrors of war, the silences of history. One of the most important debut collections for a generation.’ Andrew McMillan

Winner of the 2017 Felix Dennis Prize for Best First Collection

A Guardian / Daily Telegraph Book of the Year
PBS Summer Recommendation