ECODEVIANCE : (Soma)tics for the Future Wilderness

ECODEVIANCE : (Soma)tics for the Future Wilderness

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Author: CAConrad

Sam says:

'CAConrad offers a new way of looking at the world, and these poems offer a way of breaking free of the familiar. Conceived as set of 23 rituals, the language is active, vivid and vital (yes, I know, I hate that word too but it holds here). CA's readings at the shop have been some of the most memorable and impactful ones we have held, so this book holds a special place for us. Highly recommended!'


Listed in The Boston Globe's Best Poetry Books of 2014
Finalist for the Lambda Literary Award in Gay Poetry
Winner of The Believer Poetry Award

"The (Soma)tic Exercises are innovative and crucial to our art form...Conrad must be one of the most original practitioners of poetry forging new territory."--The Rumpus

"There was a time some of us believed poetry and poets could save the world; CAConrad never stopped believing it."--The Huffington Post

This series of 23 new (Soma)tic poetry rituals and resulting poems by CAConrad create what we can refer to as an "extreme present" set to reveal the creative viability of everything around us. Poetry rituals such as riding escalators and showing photographs of himself to strangers asking, "Excuse me, have you seen this person?" In another he pollinates flowers for security cameras, exclaiming, "I'M A POLLINATOR, I'M A POLLINATOR!" One was written with a ghost, another by stargazing to build his own constellations. (Soma)tic rituals are a practice of unorthodox steps aimed at breaking us out of the quotidian and into a more political and physical spiritual consciousness of The New Wilderness.