Stag's Leap

Stag's Leap

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Author: Sharon Olds

Sam says:

'If I ever get a divorce, I hope I manage to remain as lucid and emotionally literate as Sharon Olds.

Olds charts her split from her husband in this collection: a achingly beautiful and unsentimental portrait of the end of love.

Whether you have been through a 'conscious uncoupling' or not, this book has something for you. We are constantly assailed by vacuous commentary on relationships; Olds' writing is an important tonic'


Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry and the T.S. Eliot Poetry Prize

Stag's Leap, Sharon Olds' stunningly poignant new sequence of poems, tells the story of a divorce, embracing strands of love, sex, sorrow, memory, and new freedom. In this wise and intimate telling - which carries us through the seasons when her marriage was ending - Sharon Olds opens her heart to the reader, sharing the feeling of invisibility that comes when we are no longer standing in love's sight; the surprising physical passion that still exists between a couple during parting; the loss of everything from her husband's smile to the set of his hip.

Olds is naked before us, curious and brave and even generous toward the man who was her mate for thirty years and now loves another woman. As she writes in the remarkable title poem, 'When anyone escapes, my heart / leaps up. Even when it's I who am escaped from, / I am half on the side of the leaver'.

Olds' propulsive poetic line and the magic of her imagery are as lively as ever, and there is a new range to the music - sometimes headlong, sometimes contemplative and deep. Her unsparing approach to both pain and love makes this one of the finest, most powerful books of poetry Olds has yet given us.