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Author: SF Said

Illustrator: Dave McKean

Publisher: David Fickling Books


Limited edition signed print available with purchase

Staff Pick! Dan says...

TYGER is the new opus by beloved children’s author SF Said. We absolutely love this one – Said has achieved something so difficult in a children’s book: the gentle portrayal of complicated, challenging themes in a way that loses none of their moral urgency. 

The book is set in a parallel, arrested 21st century London, in the midst of an oppressive lingering of the British Empire. We follow Adam and Zadie, two children whose fates are tied together with the eponymous Tyger – an interdimensional, Blakean avatar who is being hunted by the villainous Maldehyde.

But it’s not all intense foreboding! It’s also a rip-roaring half-term read. Said is a master of adventure, and Tyger is a worthy successor to the Varjak series.  

There is something in this for everyone. The book’s genius is how it shines a light upon our own world: both the grim tyrannies which pepper our every day, and of the humble power of resistance. A remarkable tale of fantastic London.