Where I End

Where I End

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Author: Sophie White

Publisher: Tramp Press


Published October 2022

My mother.
At night, my mother creaks. The house creaks along with her. Through our thin shared wall, I can hear the makings of my mother gurgle through her body just like the water in the walls of the house ...

Teenager Aoileann has never left the island. Her silent, bed-bound mother is a wreckage – the survivor of a private disaster no one will speak about. Aoileann desperately wants a family, so when artist Rachel and her baby move to the island, Aoileann finds a focus for her relentless love.

Where I End, Sophie White’s stunning literary debut, is concerned with the power family has to create whole worlds: it’s a story about isolation, neglect and the dangerously intoxicating nature of love. This inventive novel of psychological and physical horror will captivate readers from its beautiful and atmospheric opening sentences to its shattering conclusion.

A horror story about being bound by the blood knot of family, Ringu meets 'Enduring Love'.