Neon Roses : The joyfully queer, uplifting and sexy read of the summer-9781399801928

Neon Roses : The joyfully queer, uplifting and sexy read of the summer by Dawson, Rachel

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Author: Dawson, Rachel

Of specific Lesbian interest

Published on 25 May 2023 by John Murray Press (John Murray Publishers Ltd) in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 304 pages
163 x 242 x 31 | 504g

'A BIG-HEARTED STORY ABOUT FINDING YOUR FEET AND FOLLOWING YOUR HEART' SARAH WATERS'JOYFULLY QUEER, FILTHY AND FUN' CHLOE TIMMS'A HUG AND A SNOG OF A BOOK' SO MAYEREluned Hughes is stuck. It's 1984 in a valley in south Wales: the miners' strike is ravaging her community; her sister's swanned off with a Thatcherite policeman; and her boyfriend Lloyd keeps bringing up marriage. And if they play '99 Red Balloons' on the radio one more time, she might just lose her mind.

Then the fundraising group Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners comes down from London, and she meets June, a snaggle-toothed blonde in a too-big leather jacket. Suddenly, Eluned isn't stuck any more - she's in freefall.

June's an artist and an activist. With June, Eluned can imagine a completely different life for herself. But as her family struggles with the strike, and her relationship with her sister deteriorates, should she really leave it all behind?From the Valleys to the nightclubs of Cardiff, London and Manchester, NEON ROSES is a heartwarming, funny and a little bit filthy queer coming-of-age story with a cracking '80s soundtrack.