Rootbound : Rewilding a Life-9781786897701

Rootbound: Rewilding a Life

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Author: Alice Vincent

Publisher: Canongate Books 


Staff Pick: "Vincent’s sophomore book is like a flower growing out of a crack of concrete. Primarily based in London, a book about nature seems odd if not entirely taking place in somewhere like Kew Gardens. But Vincent is able to remind us of the greenery that is hidden around almost every corner of the city, the small parks by the train station, an abandoned building covered in vines, how every year everyone starts incessantly sneezing due to pollen. In a world seemingly slipping away from nature, nature still impacts our day to day. Vincent takes a small space, a balcony, and begins growing plants without knowing too much about them. In her own personal turmoil she finds solace in nurturing growth, not just the plants but also herself. Rootbound is a garden; memoir, history and proclamation (and a delightful read)."