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Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

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Author: Tom Robbins

Publisher: No Exit Press


Staff Pick! Emma says…

‘An assistant commonwealth attorney, encouraged by the policewoman who had driven Sissy home, was pulling strings to have her shipped to reform school. The public defender was using those terms “incorrigible,” “wayward,” “curfew breaker” and “beyond parental control,” that, when applied to a young girl, mean simply “She fucks.”’

Tom Robbins’ ‘Even Cowgirls Get The Blues’ loosely follows the roadtrip coming-of-age of Sissy Hankshaw, a girl from the tobacco manufacturing town of Richmond, Virginia, who was born with abnormally large thumbs. Perhaps because of these mutant extremities, Sissy decides that she was born to hitchhike. She finds herself in the Rubber Rose, an all-female ranch owned by a feminine hygiene company that is using the ranch as a spa retreat. Sissy arrives as the cowgirls are in revolt. A perverted fairytale of state-side proportions. Cute as a hot fudge taco and camp as grass. Narrated with affectionate absurdism and voyeuristic abandon. To be read while in motion.