Derailed: Tom Haines-Doran and Owen Hatherley in conversation

Derailed: Tom Haines-Doran and Owen Hatherley in conversation

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19th October, 1830 doors, 1845 start

Please join us for a conversation between Tom Haines-Doran and Owen Hatherley where they will be discussing Tom's new book - Derailed: How to fix Britain's railways.

Few would disagree that Britain's railways are broken, and have been for a long time.

Why don't trains run on time?

Why are fares so expensive?

Why are there so many strikes?

Derailed is an insightful new book that calls for a radical rethink of how we view the railways, explaining the problems we face and how to fix them. Tom Haines-Doran argues that an alternative vision is both possible and affordable, restoring the railways as an indispensable feature of the national economy that plays an instrumental role in decreasing social inequalities, strengthening the economy and supporting a transition to a sustainable future.

Tom Haines-Doran is a political economist specialising in transport systems, infrastructure and social movements. He currently works at the University of Leeds, leading research on transport decarbonisation. He previously worked as a researcher for the Urban Transport Group, authoring research documents for high-level decision makers in local and national government.

Owen Hatherley is a British writer and journalist based in London who writes primarily on architecture, politics and culture.