The Blue Room

The Blue Room

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By Eloise Hendy

‘Her bright and broad imaginings disrupt verse’s dreaminess, slapping a splash your way to bring you back into the glistering present.’ – Alice Hill-Woods, SPAM Zine

Eloise Hendy’s debut is a candid collection of poems that are sardonic, arresting and fiercely feminist. the blue room is dotted with sharp imagery—the heart rate of smashed glass, a dentist with stiff fingers, regurgitating confetti. Hendy’s brilliant voice seems to relish the role of both salvager and confidante of memory. Retold glimpses punctuate the narrative, from the unpredictability of cyclical relationships to the rhythm of the things we grasp.

Eloise Hendy is a poet and writer living in London. Her work has appeared in Ambit, The Tangerine, and The Stinging Fly, amongst others, and she was recently shortlisted for The White Review Poet’s Prize 2018

do you remember running naked in the long grass? do you remember when it rained, thinking it rained

all over the world? kiss me baby. when we were girls we were very small. then we became bigger than ever.

we became larger than life. standing in the storm in a ripped tuxedo, standing on hot sand in cleaved gowns.

can you remember which ribs are false? which ones are true?

Purchased by National Poetry Library

Collections: The British Library, Bodleian Library Oxford University, The Cambridge University Library, National Library of Scotland, National Library of Wales and Trinity College Dublin, Tate  South Lambeth Library.