BOOM: November Pre-Orders

November brings some unique titles at every end of the scale, from the Kabbalistically epic The Books of Jacob to short, sexy stories in Unreal Sex, all explosive, all 10% off.


The ABC of the Projectariat: Living and Working in a Precarious Artworld, Kuba Szreder

Feeling this one… A combination of essays and practical advice for managing and resisting the art world in solidarity with other precarious workers.


Aftermath, Preti Taneja

Stunning, care-ful, committed & urgent investigation of the language of trauma, terror and atrocity from the eye of the storm. One to sit with, return to, share.

Altered States, edited by Sarah Shin and Ben Vickers

Another revelatory gate into the otherwise from Ignota Books, featuring poems for transformation & mind expansion, including many BF faves like Rachael Allen, Bhanu Kapil, Irenosen Okojie, Nisha Ramayya & Yasmine Seale. 

Amnion, Stephanie Sy-Quia

Here comes AMNION to blow your head open. A long poem, a refusal of 'but where are you really from?' with what you do with those stories & revelations in its stead.

The Anthropocene Unconscious: Climate Catastrophe in Contemporary Culture, Mark Bould

Lots of contemporary texts say they're *about* climate crisis – what about where it bubbles up across a whole range of texts that think they aren't? Mark Bould uncovers.

The Books of Jacob, Olga Tokarczuk, translated by Jennifer Croft

Messiahs, angels, prayers, erotic rituals, border-crossings, self-righteous clergy, populist myths: The Books of Jacob has it all & tells it as we need to hear right now, in a dazzlingly capacious translation from Jennifer Croft.

A Cheesemonger's Compendium of British and Irish Cheeses, Ned Palmer

Sometimes you just need cheese. And a book about cheese. A beautifully-illustrated book about cheese, full of great cheese stories. Thankfully, this is that book.


Even Greater Mistakes, Charlie Jane Anders

Whizzing, fizzing, gutsy, super-smart sci fi shorts from a genius. Reading Charlie Jane Anders always feels like hanging out with that cool older friend who shows you LIFE.


The Fell, Sarah Moss

A shivery, foggy tale for long nights. No spoilers needed because you already know you're going to read this in one sitting. Then not sleep.


Good Choices, Bonny Brooks

Good Choices? You know, like getting married… not getting married… reliving old chaotic ways (but fun?)… running away… Above all: telling the story smartly & at novelette-length for Open Pen.

Here is Where, Morgan Omotoye

It's about love. And fighting for what you love. Cue explosions, internal and external. It's the perfect book at the perfect length. 

The Impostor & Other Stories, Silvina Ocampo, translated by Daniel Balderston

This beautiful collected Silvina Ocampo expands your Women In Translation. And your surrealist fiction shelf. And your international masters of the short story shelf.


Oh, To Be a Painter!, Virginia Woolf

Pocket-sized treat for Virginia Woolf and art writing fans. Short essays on visual arts, perfect for reading when you stop for a coffee during a long walk.


Peaces, Helen Oyeyemi

Strangers? On a train? Helen Oyeyemi's latest is full of mystery without the murder, a magical journey into one couple's past.


Pity the Beast, Robin McLean

An unflinching account of a brutal culture: one brave & brutalised woman's take-down of the myth of the American west.  


Poetry and Bondage: A History and Theory of Lyric Constraint, Andrea Brady [no discount]

A decade in the making, an extraordinary, eye-opening and resounding history of Anglophone poetry and its relation to slavery. 

Replace Me, Amber Husain

Working in publishing, Amber Husain comes up against the idea she's replaceable – and asks: can we recognise solidarity while pushing back against substitutability?

Scintillas: New Maltese Writing 1, eds. Jen Calleja and Kat Storace

Merħba Praspar Press, welcoming global Maltese writers onto the UK lit scene with their first book Scintillas, featuring Clare Azzopardi, Peter Scalpello, Loranne Vella & a fantastic mix of fiction, non-fiction & poetry

Somebody Loves You, Mona Arshi

Writing into & out of silence, Mona Arshi's fiction debut has a lyric poet's intensity of observation & compassion. A tender companion.

Unreal Sex, edited by So Mayer and Adam Zmith

Need more queer sci fi/fantasy/horror erotica in your life? YES, yes you do. And Unreal Sex delivers: 10 wildly different & yet intermingling stories of cosmic comings-together.

what will it take for me to leave, Loranne Vella, translated by Kat Storace

Stories like locked room mysteries, flights of fiction racing to their deeply satisfying, often strange denouements.

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