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Books >>>>>> bunting. Read 'em with Pride! 10% off all month, and we're celebrating translations (as we do every month), plus great new poetry and essays. 

All Our Yesterdays, Natalia Ginzburg, trans. Angus Davidson

Hello trying to raise a child under the encroaching threat of fascism. A great place to start with the master of mid-century Italian fiction, and a great addition to Daunt's Ginzburg shelf.

Bi: The Hidden Culture, History and Science of Bisexuality, Dr Julia Shaw

Finally proof that unicorns exist! Or actually a winning piece of cultural history that encompasses multiple ways of thinking about and living bisexuality. 

Dogs of Summer, Andrea Abreu, trans. Julia Sanches

Shit <3 Isora. But Shit is 9 and Isora is a teenager. Northern Tenerife swelters in the summer, far from tourist beaches & Shit is hot and bothered by her crush on the older girl who doesn't see it. Simmering.

Experience LondonTharik Hussain and Demi Perera

Even jaded Londoners will find hidden surprises & new ways to encounter the city in this great guide.

Feather, Leaf, Bark & Bone, Jackie Morris

Poems written directly on leaves and feathers, with an antique typewriter. Beautiful words celebrating the beauty of the world in the face of grief.

Fight Night, Miriam Toews

Swiv's mom is pregnant, and her grandma is teaching her maths with Amish jigsaws. Three generations of women with fight pull together in Toews' inimitable style.

Immanuel, Matthew McNaught

Winner of the first Fitzcarraldo Editions Essay Prize, this book launches a searing search into faith, organised religion, community, friendship & doubt.

Lapvona, Ottessa Moshfegh

Feral Girl Summer as Moshfegh goes A24 with this medieval horror tale, pivoting on the blind midwife Ina, possessed of second sight. Ofc powerful men hate her. Which way will her ward Marek turn?

The Last Days of Roger Federer: And Other Endings, Geoff Dyer

Follow Nadal v. Djokovic w/ this perfect down the line shot from Geoff Dyer. Also serving Nietzsche, Dylan, Coltrane (J.) & Rhys (J.). Illumination from the dying of the light.

Living Pictures, Polina Barskova, trans. Catherine Ciepiela

Leningrad writer uncovers the fragmented archive buried under official history, to uncover voices from the Nazi blockade of the city, ending in a haunting of the Hermitage.

Nettleblack, Nat Reeve

One for all the queers who <3 bicycles, uniforms, journals, romance, markets, crimes, haircuts, bars & finding urself. So… everyone.

Quiet, Victoria Adukwei Bulley

"This book is a seismic event; its vibrations will be felt for a long time to come." Kayo Chingonyi. Poems for ur inner ear, for those moments when ur holding on, becoming, astounding.

Scattered All Over the Earth, Yoko Tawada, trans. Margaret Mitsutani

Only Yoko Tawada could deliver this cheerfully dystopian novel about Japanese climate refugees finding each other & new words for their experiences.

Speaking Bones, Ken Liu

Finally! An epic and rousing conclusion to the Dandelion Dynasty from one of contemporary fantasy's greats. Everything & everyone is in motion – will it bring peace between the empires?

Still Born, Guadalupe Nettel, trans. Rosalind Harvey

STILL BORN takes on the complexity of having / not having / caring for / wanting children with Nettel's sharp insight.

Thread Ripper, Amalie Smith, trans. Jennifer Russell

Ada Lovelace meets AI weaving & the question of love in climate crisis, in this warp-and-weft novel of creative practice and critical thinking, wrapped up in gorgeous threads.

Tove Jansson, Paul Gravett

The best possible combination: comics genius Paul Gravett on comics genius Tove Jansson, creator of Moomins & more! Part of the Thames & Hudson Illustrator series, celebrating the pictures that make books.

The Visitors, Jessie Jesewska Stevens

There's no place like gnome. C confronts systems collapse, computer code, capitalism & falling for her ex. The code of the novel itself goes rogue…

Yield: The Journal of an Artist, Anne Truitt, introduction by Rachel Kushner

What are the responsibilities & reflections of an artist? Anne Truitt wrote about it for herself for over 30 years & we get to read and learn from her unflinching honesty.


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