November Pre-Orders

Get your holiday shopping in early & with 10% off: our November pre-orders have sizzling new titles for gifts (yourself included). Our #1 pick? Gwyneth Jones' rock'n'roll fantasy Bold as Love, back in print & twice as visionary. <<preorder>> 

Barack Obama, A Promised Land <<preorder>>

Remember when there was a POTUS who could write a sentence? Relive those heady days with the biggest book of the year. 10% off

Benjamin Zephaniah, Windrush Child <<preorder>>

Benjamin Zephaniah said this was the book his mum wanted him to write, and he did. Read it in her honour & the honour of the Windrush generation, and because it will be great. 10% off.

Lee Schulman, When We Were Young : Memories of Growing Up in Britain <<preorder>>

Another classic photography collection from the gems at Hoxton Mini Press. Feeling that wallpaper. 10% off.


Chelsea Louise Berlin, Rave Art: Flyers, Invitations and Membership Cards <<preorder>>

Sweet & sweaty memories wrapped in banging design. Warning: may induce nostalgic flashbacks for the loved-up era. 10% off.

Raiford Guins, Atari Design: Impressions on Coin-Operated Video Game Machines <<preorder>>

More nostalgia, more banging design, more flashing lights. Take a trip through time with Raiford Guins and Atari Design. 10% off.

Antony Gormley and Martin Gayford, Shaping the World: Sculpture from Prehistory to Now <<preorder>>

A follow up to Martin Gayford's history of art with David Hockney: king of sculpture Antony Gormley walks you through a dazzling array from the Ice Age Lion Man to Olafur Eliasson's Weather Project. 10% off.

Jan Novak, Zatopek: When You Can't Keep Going, Go Faster <<preorder>>

Gold medal inspiration from behind the Iron Curtain courtesy of SelfMadeHero: the story of athletics' GOAT and outspoken team player, brought to life by Jan Novak and Jaromir 99. 10% off.

Robert Ovetz, ed., Workers' Inquiry and Global Class Struggle : Strategies, Tactics, Objectives <<preorder>>

What every comrade wants for Xmas: strategies, tactics, objectives in the struggle, in this Pluto Press collection edited by Robert Ovetz. It's not the fall of capitalism, but have 10% off.

Michael Taylor, The Interest: How the British Establishment Resisted the Abolition of Slavery <<preorder>>

Why did the British government end up paying out the equivalent of £340 billion to mark abolition – not as reparations to formerly enslaved people, but to slaveowners throughout British society? This book tells it. 10% off.

Mark Thomas, 50 Things About Us: What We Really Need to Know About Britain <<preorder>>

How do unicorns relate to guns, bungs, wigs & rich f*ckers? As ever, Mark Thomas has the answer. The scathing, essential answer. 10% off.


Gareth E. Rees, Unofficial Britain: Journeys Through Unexpected Places <<preorder>>

We're massive fans of Gareth Rees' Car Park Life & can't wait to spelunk through more lightly-populated unexpected places in his company. May be the best getaway currently available. 10% off.

Anthony J. Stuart, Vanished Giants: The Lost World of the Ice Age <<preorder>>

You can't go wrong with a sabre-tooth tiger. Look back to the start of the Sixth Extinction with paleontologist Antony J. Stuart & see what we've lost and also what we've learned. Incredible illustrations for fossil fans. 10% off.

Karen Wigen and Caroline Winterer, Time in Maps: From the Age of Discovery to Our Digital Era <<preorder>>

Feeling like you've lost track of time? This dazzling book will help you find your place with exciting new forms of data visualisation showing how things change. 10% off.

 Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater, Thought-Forms <<preorder>>

The book that kickstarted modern art, hugely influencing both Hilma af Klimt & Wassily Kandinsky in the creation of their spiritually-attuned abstractions. Back in print when we need it. 10% off.

Profanity Embroidery Group, Fuck Off, I'm Sewing: Swearing and Sewing That Will Have You in Stitches <<preorder>>

Looking for something to do during Zoom webinar overload? How about profanity needlework? Fuck yeah. 10% off.

Shonna Milliken Humphrey, Gin <<preorder>>

We love Bloomsbury's Object Lessons series, and this might just be our fave. Shona Milliken Humphrey's tour of mother's ruin is tart & tasty as juniper. Excellent stocking-stuffer. If aperitif reading wasn't a thing, it is now. 10% off.

Lauren Ko, Pieometry: Modern Tart Art and Pie Design for the Eye and the Palate <<preorder>>

Or Π for short. However you slice it, this is a treat from Lauren Ko, offering sensory seasonal satisfaction. 10% off.

Brittany Berlin, Baked With Love: Over 110 Allergen-Friendly Vegan Desserts: Nut-free and Allergy-friendly <<preorder>>

Non-deathly cake is a strong concept. Safe, delicious & gorgeous bakes from Brittany Berlin for an emergency-room free holiday season. 10% off.

Mark Riddaway, Borough Market: Edible Histories <<preorder>>

Taking the stalls of Borough Market as his starting point, Mark Riddaway brings back treats that tell the story of daring spy missions, winding spice routes & Freud's obsession with finding eel gonads. 🔪 10% off. 

Kikuko Tsumura, There's No Such Thing as an Easy Job <<preorder>>

Breakout Japanese hit comes to the UK: a mysterious swerve through some of the stranger byways of modern work and, beneath that, the need for a meaningful life. 10% off.

Bill Hayes, How We Live Now: Scenes from the Pandemic <<preorder>>

Insomniac City, Hayes' book about the nightlife of New York and his life with Oliver Sacks, is an all-time fave. His sharp observational mind, especially his deep thinking about grief & loss, make him the ideal pandemic chronicler. 10% off.

Dolly Parton and Robert K. Oermann, Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics <<preorder>>

Excellent as a follow-up to cult podcast Dolly Parton's America, or as an introduction to Dolly, or as a treat for a superfan (ahem), this illustrated collection honours Parton's half-century of lyrical brilliance. 10% off.


Rachel Bloom, I Want to Be Where the Normal People Are <<preorder>>

The comedic genius behind Crazy Ex-Girlfriend brings you this year's best title. Feeling weird feels good in Rachel Bloom's hilarious company. 10% off. 

Mary Gaitskill, Lost Cat: A Memoir <<preorder>>

Makes me think of the Catatonia song of the same title & other things quintessentially 90s, like Gaitskill's breakthrough Two Girls, Fat & Thin. Expect bad behaviour & great prose. 10% off.

Jenny Erpenbeck, trans. Kurt Beals, Not a Novel : Collected Writings and Reflections <<preorder>>

One of the greatest living writers reflects on 25 years living and writing in Germany, Europe, the world, in critical prose that is as intense, precise and astonishing as her fiction. 10% off.

Nicole Krauss, To Be a Man <<preorder>>

Short stories like stilettos from Nicole Krauss: small histories of love, hate, birth, ageing, travel, desire, and difference. 10% off.

Cyrille Martinez, trans. Joseph Patrick Stancil, The Dark Library <<preorder>>

What does it mean to love libraries in a digital age? Cyrille Martinez brings the question vividly to life in this tale of Angry Young Books, colourful Librarians and the coming of the scanner. 10% off.

Caryl Lewis, trans. Gwen Davies, Martha, Jack & Shanco <<preorder>>

Realist gothic from west Wales: blood ties, ties to the land, the ghosts of the past. Will haunt you. 10% off.

David Diop, At Night All Blood is Black <<preorder>>

This Remembrance Day, remember the soldiers that colonial armies want us to forget with this novel about two of the many Senegalese soldiers who fought under French command in the trenches, and the aftermath. 10% off.

Renee Vivien, trans. Karla Jay and Yvonne M. Klein, Woman of the Wolf and Other Stories <<preorder>>

Decadent lesbian modernism featuring a woman who rides crocodiles and transformed fairy tales. Gallic Books bring Renee Vivien back to life. 10% off.

Ernest Cline, Ready Player Two <<preorder>>

The long-awaited follow-up offers more breakneck adventure, mind-bending tech and boss fights. Why mess with perfection? 10% off.

Rumaan Alam, Leave the World Behind <<preorder>>

Believe the hype on this Haneke-level literary thriller about isolation, apocalypse, race and trust – and, unnervingly, what it's like to be cooped up with your closest family & unknown strangers. 10% off.

Emily Schultz, Little Threats <<preorder>>

One for the Big Little Lies-shaped gap in your life. Or the Serial-shaped gap. Crime, guilt, family, desire, fragmented memory, suburban fractures, plus grunge. 10% off.

Max Gross, The Lost Shtetl <<preorder>>

In the grand tradition of Yiddish absurdism comes this novel of waifs and naifs who leave their hidden shtetl for the 21st century – and threaten to bring modernity back to their fragile world. 10% off in time for Hanukah.


Dorothy West, The Living Is Easy <<preorder>>

A spellbinding novel of Black girl magic, abundance, family, & glamour, as Cleo Judson marries rich & brings her sisters into the Boston good life. Dorothy West's feminist Harlem Renaissance classic is BACK. 10% off.

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