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Talking to Women by Dunn, Nell, Smith, Ali

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Author: Dunn, Nell, Smith, Ali

Collected biographies

Published on 4 June 2018 by Silver Press in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 170 pages
131 x 199 x 22 | 274g

In 1964, Nell Dunn spoke to nine of her friends over a bottle of wine about men, sex, work, money, babies, freedom and love. Novelist Edna O'Brien remembers being 'very frightened' of having her nipples touched. The Pop Artist Pauline Boty says she got married to the 'first man I could talk very freely to'. Kathy Collier, who Dunn worked with in a Battersea sweet factory, confesses that she had thought about suicide. After more than forty years out of print, Talking to Women is still as sparkling, honest, profound, funny and wise as when it was first published. With a new afterword by Nell Dunn and an introduction by Ali Smith.