New Methods for Women : A Manifesto for Independence-9780241461754

New Methods for Women : A Manifesto for Independence by Reid, Sharmadean

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Author: Reid, Sharmadean


Published on 27 June 2024 by Penguin Books Ltd (Penguin Life) in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 384 pages
223 x 142 x 32 | 480g

New Methods for Women believes:1. You already know what you want.

2. But sometimes things can get in the way.

3. You can design your life how you want.

4. You just try a New Method.

5. Until you reveal your true self.

For too long, women have worked hard to fit into a pre-existing system that wasn’t built for them. Sharmadean Reid is on a mission to change that with this book, offering women New Methods to live by, to thrive, succeed and get what they want out of life.

Outwardly, Sharmadean might appear to have had it all, a string of successful business ventures, an adorable son, a host of awards to her name, but, inwardly, she was crumbling and was in desperate need of a change. After trying every wellness practice, reading countless personal development books and eventually just doing ‘the work’, it wasn’t until the morning of her 39th birthday that Sharmadean woke in peace and contentment. Now she is here to share with women everywhere the methods that got her to that place.

New Methods for Women is 49 powerful essays that offer new perspectives on life, work, self, friendships, parenthood, and relationships. Sharmadean interweaves the lessons she’s learnt, with a diverse range of thinkers, ideas and stories that have informed her approach. There are countless books that tell women how to navigate the system as it is, but what women really need is to change the system to empower and support them: this book gives you the tools to do just that.