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James Hall on The Self-Portrait by Hall, James

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Author: Hall, James

Portraits in art

Published on 2 May 2024 by Thames & Hudson Ltd in the United Kingdom as part of 'the Pocket Perspectives' series.

Hardback | 88 pages, 27 Illustrations, colour
180 x 116 | 180g

Excerpts from art critic, historian, lecturer and broadcaster James Hall’s lively and comprehensive cultural history of self-portraiture, including such artists as Dürer, Gentileschi, Van Gogh and Kahlo.

Surprising, questioning, challenging, enriching: the Pocket Perspectives series celebrates writers and thinkers who have helped shape the conversation across the arts. Mixing classic and contemporary texts, reissues and abridgements, these are bite-sized, fully illustrated reads in an attractive, affordable and highly collectable package.