The Vincent van Gogh Atlas (Junior Edition)-9780500653722

The Vincent van Gogh Atlas (Junior Edition) by Denekamp, Nienke

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Author: Denekamp, Nienke

Art: general interest (Children's/YA)

Published on 27 June 2024 by Thames & Hudson Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 160 pages, 150 Illustrations, colour
253 x 198 x 20 | 798g

A fascinating guide to Van Gogh’s itinerant life, with vibrant images and stories about the many places he lived and worked.

Vincent van Gogh travelled widely through various countries in Europe – on foot, by boat and, above all, by train. He wrote countless letters to his family as he went, and used the world around him as the subject for hundreds of drawings and paintings. And in his day, that world looked very different from ours.

Brimming with colourful pictures, historic photographs, letters, detailed maps and other documents, this book enables readers to join Vincent on his journeys from Z to A: from Zundert in the southern Netherlands (where he was born), through London and Paris, to Auvers-sur-Oise in France (where he died).

Offering a detailed introduction to Vincent’s personal quest and the contemporary world of his time, this book will immerse young readers in the history of the 19th century and the turbulent life of Vincent van Gogh, the artist and man.