The Premonitions Bureau : A Sunday Times bestseller-9780571357574

The Premonitions Bureau : A Sunday Times bestseller by Knight, Sam

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Author: Knight, Sam

History: specific events & topics

Published on 6 April 2023 by FABER & FABER in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 256 pages
198 x 129 x 17 | 216g

'Fascinating.' Hilary Mantel'Terrific.' New Scientist'Gripping.' Financial Times'Stunning . . . Brimming with mystery and suffesed with haunting atmosphere.' Patrick Radden Keefe What if you had a vision that something terrible was going to happen?A train crash, a department store fire, an assassination.

What if you could share your vision, and prevent a disaster? In 1966, John Barker, a British psychiatrist working in an outdated British mental hospital, established the Premonitions Bureau to investigate this very idea. He would find a network of curious correspondents, and among them two highly gifted 'percipients'. Together, they predicted calamities and international incidents with uncanny accuracy. And then, they gave Barker their most disturbing warning: that he was about to die.