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A Bernadette Mayer Reader by Mayer, Bernadette

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Author: Mayer, Bernadette

Literary essays

Published on 22 June 1992 by New Directions Publishing Corporation in the United States.

Paperback | 148 pages
138 x 203 x 12 | 218g

'What a clear, insistent health there is here--as if the so-called world were seriously the point, which it is, and we could actually live in it, which we do. Truly this is the best How To book I've read in years. Bernadette Mayer makes a various world of real people in real times and places, a fact of love and loving use. She has impeccable insight and humor. She is a consummate poet no matter what's for supper or who eats it. Would that all genius were as generous.' -Robert Creeley