Naked Portrait: A Memoir of Lucian Freud-9781035024919

Naked Portrait: A Memoir of Lucian Freud by Boyt, Rose

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Author: Boyt, Rose

London, Greater London

Published on 30 May 2024 by PAN MACMILLAN (Picador) in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 416 pages
161 x 242 x 37 | 618g

'I can’t think of an art book with an opening page like it. Lines land like detonation . . . The writing is hypnotic and propulsive . . . It’s so powerful, so horrible, the set-up compelling.’ - The Sunday TimesCleaning the studio made me feel special, downtrodden and loved for all the wrong reasons. The floor was marked with a brush and thinned paint to establish the position of any furniture that was in use, the painted hieroglyphics of no particular colour but indelible so that everything could be repositioned and put back between sittings, all the functional lines alive and purposeful like his handwriting.

In Naked Portrait Rose Boyt explores her complicated relationship with her beloved father, Lucian Freud, through her diary and other accounts of sitting for him, naked or otherwise. Enthralled by his genius, it was only after his death that she began to question the version of events she had come to accept. The shock of the truth is profound but what emerges is her love and compassion not just for herself as a vulnerable young woman, but for the man himself, who is shown in all his brilliant complexity.