Spookasaurus by Allen, James

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Author: Allen, James

Picture books

Published on 1 July 2023 by PTERODACTYL PUBLISHERS LTD in the United Kingdom as part of 'the DinosaurUs' series.

Other | 36 pages
227 x 323 x 28 | 218g

Scared by vampires, werewolves or the spider in the bath? Then prepare to be spookified by SPOOKASAURUS; a charming, funny and most spooky tale, about the scariest dinosaur to ever walk the earth. When the clock strikes Halloween, Spookasaurus arms herself with her spookbag, brimming with terrifying inventions and sets off to put the spooks up the locals. Naturally, being so fabulously frightening, everything goes just as she expected, or at least it was going as expected, until she tries to spook a dinosaur unlike any she's spooked before...

Written by the award-winning advertising duo - James & Amy, Spookasaurus is their very first book, to go into bookshops. They are yet to win a picture book award, but their mums have read Spookasaurus and they think it's brilliant, which is after all, what's most important.