No One Dies Yet : A bold and provocative debut from Ghana (Guardian)-9781787703728

No One Dies Yet : A bold and provocative debut from Ghana (Guardian) by Ben Ben, Kobby

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Author: Ben Ben, Kobby

Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

Published on 31 August 2023 by Europa Editions (UK) Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 384 pages
135 x 211 x 33 | 378g

'Black gay American friends explore Ghana's queer underground while a killer commits a grisly string of murders in this thrilling read.' -Guardian2019, The Year of Return. It has been exactly 400 years since the first slave ships left Ghana for America. Ghana has now opened its doors to Black diasporans, encouraging them to return and get to know the land of their ancestors.

Elton, Vincent, and Scott arrive from America to visit preserved sites from the transatlantic slave route, and to explore the country's underground queer scene. Their activities are narrated by their two combative guides: Kobby, their way into Accra's privileged circles; and Nana, the voice of tradition and religious principle. The pair's tense relationship sets the tone for what becomes a shocking and unsettling tale of murder that is at times funny, at times erotic, yet always outspoken and iconoclastic.

WHAT READERS ARE SAYING:'The kind of book people study. It's dark, frank, sharp-witted, and reflective. It immediately struck me as a classic and will undoubtedly linger in my thoughts for a while to come.' -Hannah on Netgalley'What a marvellous debut for Ghanaian author Kobby Ben Ben. I devoured this book with gusto!' -Caleb on Netgalley'Wow. Such a rollercoaster... One of the most powerful and intense books I read in a long time.' -Dmitri on Netgalley'This is an epic and experimental book.' -Siobhan on Netgalley