No. 91/92: notes on a Parisian commute-9781838014186

No. 91/92: Notes On A Parisian Commute

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Author: Elkin, Lauren

Prose: non-fiction

Published on 7 September 2021 by Les Fugitives in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 125 pages
102 x 188 x 15 | 146g

A love letter to Paris written in iPhone notes and in the troubling intimacy of public transport post-Charlie Hebdo attacks, Lauren Elkin's diary of a year on a Parisian bus pays homage to Georges Perec and Annie Ernaux. In this chronicle of the ordinary makings of a city and its people, the author's own body is a threatened vessel; that of the author as a woman as an author as a pregnant woman on the bus.