Person Unlimited : An Ode to My Black Queer Body-9781838855659

Person Unlimited : An Ode to My Black Queer Body by Atta, Dean

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Author: Atta, Dean


Published on 4 July 2024 by Canongate Books in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 272 pages
222 x 140 x 26 | 376g

You've fought and you've run away. You've danced with other Black queer bodies until sunrise.

Sometimes you wanted to be caught and sometimes you wanted to be held. With all that you've endured, you are nothing less than miraculous.

From choirboy to drag act, grandson to mentor, poet to lover, Dean Atta has played many roles in his life. In this formally inventive, candid and courageous book, he explores what he has carried in his body: wins and losses, shame and pride, pain and joy. Dean also investigates how radical self-acceptance and a willingness to abide with discomfort open up the possibility of a life lived beyond definition: a person unlimited.