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Contact and Perception : v. 4 by Wyatt, Gill

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Author: Wyatt, Gill


Published on 1 January 2002 by PCCS BOOKS in the United Kingdom as part of 'the Rogers Therapeutic Conditions Evolution Theory & Practice' series.

Paperback | 311 pages, Illustrations
233 x 156 x 18 | 506g

Understudied to the point of being ignored, conditions one and six of Carl Rogers' 'Necessary and Sufficient' conditions are given due attention for the first time in this volume. Writers from three continents put psychological contact and the client's perception of the therapist not only on the theoretical map, but at the very centre of it. The result is a series of papers outlining genuine new theory and practice for all counsellors and therapists, not only those of a person-centred persuasion.