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A Door Behind a Door by Moskovich, Yelena

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Author: Moskovich, Yelena

Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

Published on 24 February 2022 by Influx Press in the United Kingdom.

Paperback |
130 x 198 x 17 | 178g

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Olga receives a phone call from a man she thought she'd never hear from again. Her life has changed since their childhood together in the Soviet Union. She has settled down with a girl she loves and has moved on from her previous life.

Answering the call opens a Pandora's box of haunting memories and unsolved puzzles: an unexplained murder in her childhood block, a supernatural stray dog, and the mystery of her beloved brother Moshe, who lost an eye and later vanished.

In the search for answers, Olga uncovers an underground midwestern Russian mafia, and a string of connected stabbings, all of which seem irrevocably linked to her past, threatening the life she has created for herself.

In A Door Behind a Door, Yelena Moskovich continues her exploration of the post-Soviet diaspora, through a mesmeric blending of past and present, desire and violence