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Here Be Icebergs by Adaui, Katya

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Author: Adaui, Katya


Published on 14 June 2022 by Charco Press in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 133 pages, No
197 x 131 x 14 | 180g

The weird, fetid, familiar discomfort of family is front and centre in these short stories of all the ways we remain a mystery to each other.

The mysteries of kinship (families born into and families made) take disconcerting and familiar shapes in these refreshingly frank short stories. A family is haunted by a beast that splatters fruit against its walls every night, another undergoes a near-collision with a bus on the way home from the beach. Mothers are cold, fathers are absent-we know these moments in the abstract, but Adaui makes each as uncanny as our own lives: close but not yet understood.