Ramifications by Saldana Paris, Daniel

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Author: Saldana Paris, Daniel


Published on 13 October 2020 by Charco Press in the United Kingdom.

Paperback |
195 x 130 x 20 | 256g

The memories we return to most frequently are the most inaccurate, the least faithful to reality...

This is the tragic realisation made by the narrator of Ramifications as he tries to make sense of the defining event of his childhood: the disappearance of his mother to join the Zapatista uprising that shook Mexico in 1994. Left behind with an emotionally distant father who is singularly unqualified to raise him, and an older sister who only wants to get on with being a teenager, he takes refuge in strange rituals that isolate him from his peers: favouring the left-hand side of his body, trying to tear leaves into perfect halves, obsessively shaping origami figures. Now, two decades older and withdrawn from the world, he folds and unfolds these memories, searching the creases for the truth of what happened to his mother, unaware that he is on the verge of a discovery that will destroy everything he believed he knew about his family.Award-winning Mexican author Daniel Saldana Paris masterfully evokes a child's attempts to interpret events beyond his understanding. Less a Bildungs-roman than a tale of arrested development, this story of a boy growing up in the aptly-named Educacion neighbourhood of Mexico City is a rich and moving portrait of a life thwarted by machismo and secrecy.