Republic of Consciousness 2024 Longlist

Republic of Consciousness 2024 Longlist

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Want to read the list? 10% off 10 top titles from a prize close to our heart at Burley Fisher, which celebrates indie publishing & writing that expands your mind.

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The Longlist

Ventura Ametller, Summa Kaotica, translated by Douglas Suttle (Fum d'Estampa Press)

Ana Paula Maia, Of Cattle and Men, translated by Zoë Perry (Charco Press)

Emilienne Malfatto, May the Tigris Grieve for You, translated by Lorna Scott Fox (Les Fugitives)

So Mayer, Truth & Dare (Cipher Press)

Farai Mudzingwa, Avenues by Train (Cassava Republic)

Olga Ravn, My Work, translated by Sophie Hersi Smith and Jennifer Russell (Lolli Editions)

Sheyla Smanioto, Out of Earth, translated by Laura Garmeson & Sophie Lewis (Boiler House Press)

Krisztina Toth, Barcode, translated by Peter Sherwood (Jantar Press)

Yu Miri, The End of August, translated by Morgan Giles (Tilted Axis Press)

Maxim Znak, The Zekameron, translated by Jim & Ella Dingley (Scotland Street Press)